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Lawn Maintenance 

Our basic weekly lawn maintenance package includes mowing your lawn, trimming edging and blowing off where grass clippings accumulated during your lawn service. 

Green lawns require Weed Control and Fertilization. Weekly Mowing services make sure that your lawn is always looking  great

We offer regular maintenance services for landscape beds including weeding, pruning, and general cleanup. Contact us today to setup a comprehensive maintenance schedule.

Our Aspect on a Healthy Lawn

Healthy lawns begin with proper mowing maintenance. Customers who sign up with us get the best services available in the Mercer County area. There are three factors in achieving a perfect cut which we follow vigorously. 

1) Proper mowing height

2) Sharp blades

3) Mulch-Mowing

Mowing height is one of the most important aspects for a healthy lawn. According to a Rutgers University research, the preferred height in New Jersey for cool season grasses to be cut at is between 2.5 and 3 inches. Except during the Summer stresses, where mowing height should be raised one-half inch. Raising the height during the summer heat better protects the grass and reduces the water loss in your soil. It also promotes deeper root growth for a more healthy, green lawn. 

Another important factor for a healthy lawn, is sharp mowing blades. At Windsor Elite Landscaping our blades are sharpen on a weekly basis. With sharp blades, grass is cut "cleanly."  Dull blades on the other hand tear the grass, making the tips of grass blade brown.

At Windsor Elite Landscaping LLC we do not bag grass clipping. Instead we Mulch-Mow. This is where we allow grass clippings to be dispersed back into your lawn. Grass clippings add valuable nutrients back into your soul and decompose quickly, providing a healthier lawn.

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