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Imagine, coming home from a long day of work grabbing the family and spending quality time together on your custom designed patio. Sounds pretty nice, right? This doesn't have to be a fantasy! Windsor Elite Landscaping can design and install a fully functional, yet beautiful patio that you and your family can enjoy on those warm summer nights.

Windsor Elite Landscaping specializes in custom Patios, Walkways, Outdoor Kitchens, Retaining Walls, Outdoor Fireplaces, Landscape Lighting and More! Contact us today to make your dreamscape come to reality!


We have years of experience creating outdoor patios in the Mercer County area. We have the experience to design and build a custom paver patio that will be the perfect match for your landscape or outdoor living environment. 

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls create a beautiful accent to any landscape. The key to any walls success is the base. At Windsor Elite Landscaping we pay close attention to the preparation of the base material of the wall. A paver wall that is built quickly and cheaply is probably a wall that will not last and can soon become an eyesore. The most expensive landscape wall is the wall that you have to build twice! At Windsor Elite Landscaping we believe in building things right the first time and understand that there are no shortcuts, period.  Contact us today to start your retaining paver wall today.

Outdoor Kitchens

Lets turn the heat up!  Instead of having to miss out on the fun while making dinner inside, spend time with your family outdoors as you make dinner on a custom outdoor kitchen. Out expert hardscaping crew can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen custom fitted to your needs. 

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Pavers make the best walkways! Compared to other materials, pavers are the best choice due to their uniform appearance, custom looks and reliability. 

Pavers, Patios, and Walkway design